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The church building is a home for the Church, the people of God, the parish family.  We expect differences in church buildings, just as we expect differences in the homes of our families and friends.  The building is a reflection of the personality and values, as well as the faith of the community who worships here.

As we look at the windows and paintings in our church, we are reminded of the community who built this church as a special place of celebration, where they were nourished over the years.

In July of 1904, the building committee decided to purchase the stained glass windows for St. Columbkille Church from the Ford Brothers of Minneapolis, who agreed to have the windows in place and everything finished in first class workmanship, not later than November 1, 1904.  The cost of the windows was $1400.00 (In comparison, in 1988 it cost $20,000.00 simply to repair the windows.)  Under the direction of Bernard Hillig, the frescos were added in 1921.  At this time, the stations were also added.  The stations are hand-painted murals on zinc, which were imported from Germany. 

(FROM, The History of St. Columbkille Parish, 1887-1962 by Rev. Cletus J. Hawes)



Sanctuary – Moving from left to right(in the Church, as you face them):

St. Vincent de Paul

St. Columbkille

St. Patrick

Sacred Heart

In the nave of the church, the windows to the front depict saints and those toward the back depict religious symbols. 

On the WEST SIDE of the Church, beginning at St. Joseph’s Altar:


St. Joseph

St. Matthew

St. Mark

St. Veronica

St. Aloysius Gonzaga

St. Anthony of Padua



Holy Name

Lamb of God

Crown and Cross

Pierced Heart

Sacred Heart

On the EAST SIDE of the Church, beginning with Mary’s Altar:


Blessed Virgin Mary

St. Luke

St. John

St. Philomena

St. Dominic

St. Brigid of Ireland

St. Michael the Archangel




Blessed Sacrament

Sacrament of Penance

Stained glass windows, paintings and statues decorate our church building to aid the devotion of the faithful.  These beautiful objects of art depicting the saints place us in union with heroic Christians.  Their artistic beauty also reveals to us something of the beauty of God and God’s dreams for us.  The stained glass windows bathe the inside of the church with beautiful light.

Today, as always, however the principal decoration and treasured possession of the church is the worshipping community.  Faces of the saints have always aided our worship, and we continue to revere our sisters and brothers in Christ of other ages.  Nonetheless, we are encouraged by the faces of living saints as well – the heroes and heroines who carry the Gospel message out into our world and our time. 

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