Liturgy Committee

GOAL: To worship the Most Holy Trinity with Catholic liturgical excellence, offering hospitality to be a more welcoming, inclusive parish.

Liturgy Committee:

This groups nourishes and gives direction to the liturgical life of the parish. The committee’s functions include: assisting in preparation for Eucharistic celebrations, as well as developing prayer and paraliturgical services as are necessary for the full spiritual development of the parish community according to the liturgical seasons; promoting the development of church ministries, ordained and lay; identifying those qualified for various ministries and providing training for the liturgical ministers; coordinating and scheduling the activities of liturgical ministers; and implementing liturgical guidelines issued by the Archdiocesan Office of Worship.

The Liturgy Committee includes the parish priest, at least one member of the Parish Council, coordinators of liturgical ministers, and ongoing interested persons.



1) Strengthening programs for on-going education in the faith

2) Enhancing the Sunday assembly for Holy Mass

3) Teaching stewardship as a way of life

4) Promoting vocations in general, and priesthood in particular


Liturgy Committee

Fr. Gabriel Anderson
Click here to Email Fr. Gabriel
Phone: (SC) 583-9117; (SJTW) 588-1433

Bill Frye

Dianne Koch
Click here to Email Dianne Koch
Phone: 556-0850

Gary Anglin
Phone: 556-1893

(Deacon Bill Biver)
Click here to Email Deacon Bill Biver
Phone: 556-5314

(Patricia Derby)
Click here to Email Patricia Derby
Phone: 451-3557

(Alice Noethe)
Click here to Email Alice Noethe


Celebrating the seasons in honor of Christ includes YOU!

Extraordinary Eucharistic Minister
Lector or Prayer Leader
Usher, Greeter or Gift Bearer, Cross Bearer
Altar Server
Contact: Pat Derby, 451-3557

All committees are accountable to coordinate and comply with Archdiocesan communications and policies.


Ministry Scheduler Pro

MSP is doing a great job of helping our parish schedule, connect & grow our liturgical ministries!  Conflict-free scheduling, reaches volunteers of all ages via text & emails and includes a Mobile App.  This software makes it easy for our volunteers to find opportunities to serve, and stay involved, year-round!  This is a very popular new tool with all our liturgical ministers!  Would you like to be a liturgical minister, including musicians?    It’s easy!   

Contact:  Patricia Derby, 451-3557


Ministers of Music

Musicians and singers are welcome to join or form new groups! 

Dianne Koch -folk & women, 556-0850

Leslie Kane, Tom & Sue Cuvelier, Dick Hartig, 583-3685

Terri Ellerbach-St. Columbkille Choir, 599-1012

Mary Beth Ferring -St. Columbkille School, 582-3532

Don Schiffer - men’s & young adults, 582-4448

Thalia Cutsforth, Abigail & Aaron Cutsforth & Jen Hermsen, 495-2144

Kim Yoko, Accompanist/Cantor, 580-3842

Teresa Koch, Accompanist, 451-9680

Anna Hoppmann, Accompanist, 663-7691

Nick Schadler, Accompanist, 599-6146

Clare McCullough, Cantor, 542-7279

Nicole Sisler, Cantor, 451-6601

Elise Cullers, Cantor, 451-7502


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