Patron Saint

St. Columbkille

Saint Columbkille, the patron of our parish, was born of a noble family in Donegal, Ireland, in the year 521, and was ordained a priest and monk in 546. When he was 42 years old, he was exiled from Ireland and sent to the territory known as Scotland with 12 companions. There he spent the next 34 years establishing churches and schools, and staffing them with many disciples who were attracted by his ardent penance, fervent prayer, sincere preaching, and deep confidence in God.

Columbkille spent much time copying the Scriptures and other manuscripts and writing poems. His great book, the Book of Kells, is a work of perfection with no peer in the world of ancient calligraphy. Columbkille died in 597 and is honored as the Patron of Scotland.

Prayer to Saint Columbkille

O Glorious St. Columbkille, Patron of our parish, our homes and our children, behold us prostrate before thee, beseeching thy powerful intercession, at the throne of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. We beg of you to intercede for us that we may worthily imitate your virtues, especially your great devotion to the Blessed Sacrament. Turn to Jesus on the altar, and never cease to pray for us until the fire of Divine Love burns brightly and steadfastly in all our hearts. Obtain for us dear Patron, the true spirit of charity. We beg of you a continuance of your fatherly interest in the protection and education of our children. Bless the labours of those who work for them. We invoke your powerful intercession to save us from the many attacks against our faith and morals in these trying days, and for the promotion and increase of our virtues. Pray for us now and always, that faithfully fulfilling the duties of our state of life, we may love Jesus and Mary with our whole hearts, and thus prove worthy of your love and protection. Amen.

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