St. Columbkille wants to communicate more effectively with you.  But we also want to make it easy for you to control what types of announcements you get from us and how you are notified when we make them.  AND in order to do this, we have partnered with a new, simple, ALL CATHOLIC service called FLOCKNOTE.  Like sending "notes" to your "flock."  FLOCKNOTE!  Flocknote, as we said, is all Catholic, and is a text/email system, and YES, they cater to Catholic Churches!  How awesome is that?!

This is totally free for you to use and it's going to also make it easy for you to stay plugged in to the ministries or groups that you care about, all by text message or email updates.  Your information will be completely safe and secure!  AND you can unsubscribe from updates at any time!  You can also rejoin at any time!

Flocknote is very simple!  You can flyers on the clips on all of our pews!  Take that flyer home and when you can, text the letters SCDUBUQUE (ALL one word, and it's not case sensitive!) to the SHORT, 5-digit phone number, 84576.  This is also on the flyer!  Again, text the keyword SCDUBUQUE to eight-four-five-seven-six.  SCDUBUQUE is for St. Columbkille, Dubuque.  Please make sure there are no spaces when you text.  It is ALL ONE WORD, and again, it is NOT case sensitive.  AND please make sure your auto-spelling-corrector on your phone doesn't mistakenly change the text. :-)

Once you send that in, Flocknote will send you back a confirmation message AND another message asking you to click the link to complete the process.  (After it responds, make sure you click that link and complete the process!!!)  Please take a minute to do this and you only have to do it once.  IF YOU SHARE AN EMAIL, then in the profile, simply add both names, example:  John and Lisa Smith.  IF you have any issues at all, simply follow the instructions on the sheet, or contact Pat Derby, Love2bcatholic@aol.com, or 563-451-3557.  She will be happy to help you!

If you cannot complete this on your mobile phone, please go online to:


The Web address is also on the flyer, on the clip in your pew!

As part of the process, it will ask you what groups or ministries you'd like to get updates from.

Please do this.  Aside from regular group and ministry updates, we also use this to send you important updates like:  events, latest news, weather or cancelation notices, newsletters, and more.  During Advent & Lent, we will send reflections for the season!  We will also send you information about Stations of the Cross dates, Adoration updates, and more!  This is fully catered to our parish!

THIS is a great opportunity for you to get plugged in to the many wonderful things we have going on here.  If you're having trouble, please always feel comfortable in calling Pat Derby.  She would always be happy to help you!  Thank you are participating and investing in our parish!  This is really going to simplify cmmunication and increase engagement here in our community.

Remember, you are not just signing up for FLOCKNOTE!  Look at the bigger picture!  You are signing up to be a bigger part of the St. Columbkille community and mission of your church!

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